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Ibiza Beauty can be interpreted in two ways: one is the amazing natural beauty of this Mediterranean island, with its lush green valleys and woods, hidden coves and beaches surrounded by the clearest azure blue sea, a truly inspiring place.
This beautiful island, in total harmony with it selves and nature, triggers ones senses to open up and then it attracts and resonates a positive reflection of ones self and an experience emotional well-being and deep relaxation.

Ibiza Beauty second interpretation is a direct result from the above. This natural beauty of Ibiza island is an inspiration for many, to finally let go of the routine of a busy and stressful life, and to enjoy all the offers to take care of personal wellbeing, Ibiza has to offer.
Since the island, was influenced by many cultures, ancient traditions and philosophies you will find a wide range of beauty treatments and beautifying therapies available.
Professional beauticians, devoted to your personal beauty, both your face and your body, combine traditional beauty treatments, aroma therapies, holistic techniques and modern technologies to make you feel beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Ibiza Beauty & Body Treatments & Therapies


Professional & alternative skincare services, are provided by beauty experts, and include: refreshing or re-vitalizing Facials, incl. gentle exfoliation or Eastern massage techniques, or you can experience a Skin Spa to bring back a glowing complexion and moisture a dry dehydrated skin.
Permanent make-up, eyelash tinting, waxing or a professional make-up to make you look radiant.
Hands & Nails: Manicures to revitalize nail conditions incl. peeling or splitting, nail shaping, cuticle work, followed by a hand massage and finished by nail polish, or acrylic or gel extensions, or when preferred special Nail Art.
Body: Full Body Exfoliation, Body Wraps & Dry Floatation (deep-relaxing body treatment), spray tan, Body Scrubs & Waxing, also for men.
Feet: Pedicures incl. cuticle work, foot soak, nail shaping, removal of hard skin, foot massage and nail polish.
Pamper Packs: In desperate need of some serious pampering?
Combine your favorite treatments, relax, be pampered and enjoy feeling rejuvenated

Whether you, female or male, suffer from skin problems or depletion, Ibiza Beauty Therapists help you relax and make you look well groomed and gorgeous, ready for another amazing Ibiza night.

Facial Treatments and Pamper Packages in Ibiza



Facial Treatments &
Pamper Packages in Ibiza

IBIZA Massage Beach

Fully trained & qualified beauty therapists come to your holiday home, villa or yacht, to give you a relaxing head massage and rejuvenate you with a rebalancing, revitalizing, full or mini facial treatment, in order to improve your skin after abundant sunshine.
Make your nails look natural and beautiful, by Massage Beach nail treatments by a specialist touch and expert knowledge, and the appliance of professional O.P.I products.
Look glamorous and party perfect, with a Mini Manicure or Pedicure, a
Deluxe Manicure/ French Manicure or Deluxe Pedicure.
Ibiza Massage Beach offers the unique Ibiza experience of wellbeing. 



Job appliance


Zest Ibiza provide creative Hair Styling & revitalising Beauty Treatments with professional facial & body products & cosmetics for a Makeup that makes your beauty sparkle.
On request the
Zest Ibiza Mobile Service comes to your (holiday) home.



Put your face into the hands of

Professional MAKE-UP ARTIST: Pauline te Riele
who will visit you at home to pamper you with

- Relaxing organic Facials
- Hairstyling
- Styling advise
- Professional Make-up

- Wedding make-up


IBIZA NAILS and BEAUTY Nailcare, Nail Art, Full Facials, Massage, Waxing and Pamper Packs

For all aspects of nail care, including: Acrylic & Gel Enhancements, Manicures & Pedicures.
All treatments in our salon or at your home.
Ibiza beauty will be achieved by Refreshing or Re-vitalizing Vitamin Facials, Eyelash Tinting, Full Body Exfoliating Scrub and Waxing incl. Men’s Waxing.
You will enjoy utter relaxation by their Massages, Back Massage, Full Body or Anti-Cellulite Massage.
PAMPER PACKS are available to both visitors and residents.


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